A Squirrel

by oneohm

There was just now a squirrel climbing the vines above the chicken coop – up onto the power pole. While observing a thought came to me – wouldn’t it be amazing if that squirrel ends up getting electrocuted?

It continued to climb then hesitated once it was up to the level of the wires. At this point I become somewhat concerned for its safety – not wanting it to climb onto the wires. Fortunately after pausing for a moment it continued to climb all the way to the top of the pole.

There it rested for a while looking to the west – I silently willed/projected for it to turn and face east – eventually it turned, but the delay was enough that I didn’t consider that my experiment had made a noticeable change in the squirrel’s behavior.

After a few more seconds looking to the east – it proceeded to climb down the east side of the pole – the side with the power wires. As the squirrel snaked down the pole it crossed between the wires – its outstretched tail completing the circuit to its front paws – resting on the other wire.

Suddenly it jerked then jumped and frantically climbed down a few feet and onto the other side of the pole. There it assessed the situation and looked around – presumably to find out what had just happened.

Then, much to my surprise, the squirrel began to cautiously approach the wires once more. During its approach it paused briefly to chirp a common warning/attention call. It repeated the call once or twice more as it got closer.

Eventually – it was nosing around the wires. At this point I became very concerned that it would shortly – short its body across the wires rather than its tail – a deadly rather than surprising event.

I opened the window and did my best to replicate their warning chirp – however this was far too quiet and I resorted to clicking my tongue – loudly, but at a much slower frequency than the squirrel chirp. This was enough to catch his/her attention.

It backed off from the wires and looked around – after not noticing any traditional dangers, it once again began to approach the wires – I repeated the “warning call” at which point it stopped and backed down the pole a few more feet then stopped – with its attention still seemingly on the mysterious wire tangle above –  but a few repeated warnings and it progressed gradually down the pole, eventually finally turning away and disappearing into the vines.